Feel the warmth

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Diana Panton - Solstice/Equinox

Upcoming release:
February 5th, 2021

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Bob James - The Lost 1965 New York Studios Sessions

Upcoming release:
February 12th, 2021

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Mozart Symphony
Sibelius Night Ride and Sunrise
Jill Barber Michievous Moon
les Diableries
Mozart Symphony
Leib Glantz
Handel Messiah 1751 version
Mozart Symphony
Pierre Lapointe PUNKT
Arnold Symphonies No 3 and 4
Barber Symphonies No 1 and 2
Jerôme Beaulieu
Samuel Barber Cello Concerto
Emilie-Claire Barlow The Beat Goes On
BAX Symphonie No. 4 Nympholept
Gershwin and American in Paris Porgy and Bess
Mozart Symphony
Beethoven Violen Concerto
BAX Symphonie No. 4 Nympholept
Prokofiev Peter and the Wolf
Walter Piston Violin Concertos
Handel Messiah 1751 version
Ginette Reno Love Songs Cover
Peter Peter Une Version Améliorée de la Tristesse
François Bourassa
Prokofiev Symphony No. 5
Handel Messiah 1751 version
Delius Florida Suite
Paul Piché AquiL Beau Temps
JP Ferland Soleil
SHOSTAKOVICH Cello Concertos
Tchaikovsky Symphony No. 5, Op. 64, The storm Op. 76
Hotel Orchestra
Shostakovich Symphonies Nos. 5 and 9
Barber Violin Concerto
Hotel Orchestra
Beethoven Triple Concerto
Aaron Copland Symphony No. 3 Billy the Kids
Shostakovich Jazz Suites
Holst The planets
Stravinsky the Rite of Spring Violin Concerto
CD Arnold Symphony No 9
Chopin Cello Sonata
Beethoven No5 and 6 Pastoral
Lhasa Lallorona
Holly Cole Baby its cold outside
EC Barlow Winter Wonderland
Suzie Arioli Christmas Dreaming
Ginette Reno The First Noël